IT support to PCs and mobile devices

Optimize, Repair and Upgrade Your PC or mobile Device

IT support to PCs and mobile devices in Venice, Treviso and Padua

If you really want to perform at your best, you always have to be sure to have a PC in perfect condition, execute the updates, make the maintenance and so on.

In many cases you are faced to those who don’t know how to do it well and who doesn’t have time, leading him inevitably sooner or later to get your hands on a slow Computer or hard.

Wondering how to fix these issues or how to avoid them. Simply said, you need a professional!

We provide PC support services on call or on time, even at home, mainly to the cities of Venice, Treviso and Padua. Of course our range includes all the Veneto and, for cases challenging the Central and Northern Italy.

You’re going to be thinking about the cost of this service, sorry to disappoint you, it will be modest!

Let me explain, while to solve problems in a PC unaudited, it can take more hours of work, resulting in the price difference according to the problems encountered, maintaining a Computer through a periodic service allows you to “wipe clean” for the most part, so the time spent on maintenance is significantly smaller than to repair a PConce every 6/12 months. Another advantage ofperiodic assistance to your Computer is that your PC will always be handsome and the highest levels of speed and ability, moreover, having already a practitioner that follows you, in case of viruses or accidental damage to your PC, such as dropping or pour some water, you know who to turn to fail and always having a Quick and quality service.

As mentioned above our helpdesk and PC repair is primarily the cities of Venice, Treviso and Padua, as well as the whole Veneto and in special cases central and Northern Italy, even for problems due to the Ransomware Virus Cryptolooker or similar.

Contact Us here for a free estimate, we are based in Venice but we can agree to a meeting in person or through Skype, our service also claims to be among the cheapest in the area to compare money, try it!

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