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5 tips on how to get customers with your website

5 consigli su come ottenere clienti con il tuo sito web

One of the main reasons why you should have a website is to be able to get more and more new customers, in other words to convert your website visitors into customers.

As trivial as it may seem, this result is not easy to achieve because there are several technical aspects to take into consideration and a beautiful website is not always sufficient to convert because if not positioned or not positioned, it would not be found if not by whom he looks for it by the direct name, which cannot properly be called conversion.

Having specified this preview, let’s see the 5 tips on how to get customers with your website.

Intrigue the public and convert

Before listing the tips on how to get new customers, let me make a further premise: You must always take into account that visitors are people, not machines, so to reach their interest you will need to be able to intrigue them. This premise because some tips are inherent to this aspect.

The 5 tips on how to get customers with your website

Let’s see now what are the 5 tips on how to get customers with your website, but let’s be clear, they won’t be easy and if you really want results you will have to commit or pay a professional to do it for you, consequently obtaining greater results.

Tip N.1 - Quality

The first advice is quality, your website must be not only beautiful and trendy, but also fast and simple to use, if it does not have these basic characteristics, it would be useless to see the next points as well because they would not be considered.

Tip N.2 - Information

Information is often a winning but VERY challenging weapon. To keep your clients informed, for example, you could have a blog inside your website where you periodically publish interesting information about your business and your sector. However, I recommend you to have a fixed frequency, so certain day at certain time you will have to publish your article. In this way you could reach people interested in your industry that could more likely become customers by reading your articles. To help a casual reader become a follower, put a newsletter on your site, so whoever wants could get an email when you post something new. Always be engaging, do not copy and paste from Wikipedia or your competitors, among other things, you would risk being penalized.

Tip N.3 - Positioning

Positioning is another important point to be found by new potential customers. Keep in mind that now when someone searches for something they do it on Google, so why not be present on the search too, perhaps in front of your competitors?

Tip N.4 - Notoriety

Nowadays, notoriety is a quality not to be overlooked, by now if you have no followers on social media, in the eyes of the mass you do not have this great value, maybe instead you are 100 times better than your competitor with 10,000 followers, so use social media to inform, be consistent and punctual, as well as give some ideas to invite people to your website.

Tip N.5 - Call to Action

Both on the site and on social networks, the call to action is the keystone, playing a little with psychology, you must be able to intrigue the person to the point of taking an action, such as reading your blog article, contacting you or request your service / product.


If you follow the 5 tips on how to get customers with your website and on the most delicate ones you will invest in a professional intervention, you will see that in a few months you will begin to convert properly, recovering the expenses and time invested in your presence online.

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