Avast Free for a Year

How to get Avast Free for a Year

Having a good antivirus that protects your PC or our devices is fundamental and, despite the internet is full of all kinds of antivirus either free of charge or not, whether it is valid or not good, are there special high-level both antivirus freeversion, is chargeable. In our opinion, among the best for completeness, capabilities and cost are Avast Antivirus .

Unlike other antivirus, Avast offers the possibility of using his version included valid one month extendable to one year, especially if you are running several precautions that you expose.

First of all I want to do a little premise: Avast Free is a good antivirus, however its paid version is more complete and more powerful, yet its cost is not high, we speak of a few dozen euros.

Having said that, we proceed with the Guide to get Avast Antivirus free for one year .

We download from the website of Avast the executable to install the free version, that of a month.
Click the following link for direct access to Donwload of Avast (instant download).
Once downloaded continue with installation, you choose whether typical or custom. After installation you’ll Avast free Antivirus for a month, now how to extend it to one year?

You just sign up, enter the screen of Avast and look on the top of the window, you must click on the “register” button, if you don’t find it, you can access easily from the settings menu, enter your name and email (quiet, you won’t receive spam nor any email) and you’re done, here’s your Avast Antivirus free for one year .

As mentioned above, I suggest you consider buying Avast rather than using free version, this is enough powerful and effective to protect a PC at home, but the paid version has always a step ahead.

In any case, from the Avast you can upgrade the database to manage viruses and the software itself, as well as with the scanning Software will be able to update outdated plugins and useful software for your PC, this procedure would be good to do it at least once a month, this trick will make your Avast Antivirus, free or paid, sufficiently capable to protect you at best.

I hope this brief tutorial was useful to you, see you soon!

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