We are professionals and as such we are experts in the sectors in which we work, ready to offer you IT consulting at the top!


With you

An IT consultant is not to be underestimated, on the contrary, planning winning strategies will never be easier!



With our advice you will see lightening every dark side of your strategies and you will see them empowered to bring you to the top!


IT Consulting


Professionals in various fields ready to carry out a IT Consulting service aimed at achieving your goals.


We always put ourselves on the side of the customer and direct competitors and then offer a solution always weighted with a targeted and amalgamated evaluation between our skills and the points of view analyzed.


Having multiple skills we can advise you 360 degrees in all your IT needs.


Ready to answer all your questions and in a short time!


from the first advice you will see clear improvements, obviously if you follow our advice.


We don't just advise you, we will let you interact with what you need!

What is IT Consulting is for

Although many consider consultancy as simple advice, often due, it is necessary to emphasize that to provide those “simple advice” we, like all professionals, have studied (and continue to do so) and worked a lot, and that without adequate advice you wouldn’t know what to do either
you would even risk damaging the image of your business.

This premise to say that IT consulting is a real service, it is about putting our skills at your disposal to achieve a given goal or obtain certain advantages.

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Why it is important to ask a IT Consulting for your business

What do I need advice for now? Google is there!

True, Google is now an integral part of our life and offers us all the answers we need, however, as you have noticed, often and willingly some things need the basics to be understood and well interpreted, in particular you can never be sure that following what you find on the net does not actually bring you disadvantages. Furthermore, you would not have the competence to understand if you are following a fake guide, however much the latter are waning.

How Hi-tech Mind consultancies can help you to evolve your business

The IT Consulting that we offer are oriented to everything related to your website and the most suitable activities to make it work best, therefore including Web Marketing (go to the page), SEO (go to the page), Content and much more.

These are not specialized courses: we will evaluate what you need based on your business objectives, creating an ad hoc plan on which, if you need it and you are interested, we could also offer you the most appropriate services.

A trivial example could be asking us if your website has been designed well, if it is responsive, if it is positioned or if for your case it is better to create a dynamic website or an e-commerce. Another example would be evaluating why you don’t get conversions from social media or advertising activities on Google.

Examples could be thousands, from asking something in advance, to ask a judgment from posterity.

The best way to ask for a IT Consulting is to write us an email, where you can explain your request or need in detail, providing us with all the useful information. We will contact you as soon as possible, after having made a first evaluation of your request, to communicate the estimate and the timing for the above advice.

NB. In the event of a request to create a website or to remake your website, the consultancy cost will be discounted by this possible estimate.

For transparency we illustrate below the main steps of our work plan:

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Search

Analysis of the request.

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Search

Check-up of the customer’s online image if present and of the competition.

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Presentation

Conversation with the client to establish the path to follow.

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Strategy

Planning and implementation to achieve the objectives in the shortest possible time.