Create a profile Linkedin perfect

How to create a perfect profile Linkedin

Many people think that the Social Network does not serve a purpose, and some still do not trust one of the most powerful tools for Social Research and employees that is Linkedin .

Friends, are mistaken if you think so, like it or not the Social Network are the future, and services such as Linkedin can really help job seekers, workers or professionals.

Obviously anyone can sign up on Linkedin , free or paid, depending on your interest, however, in both cases if the profile is not well designed or treated sufficiently, we will be ignored by businesses and professionals.

Let’s see how to create a profile Linkedin perfect , even using the free version.

  • To be avoided nickname or abbreviations, your full name is a guarantee of professionalism.
  • The profile photo dev ‘to be primarily a picture well done, if possible professional and if he has the size of a passport photo you to earn points in the professionalism and seriousness à à, remember thatthis profile will be a one of your Curriculum Vitae.
  • as a heading or description fast use of words or phrases related to what you are working or want / do you know, trying to be as appealing as possible.
  • Optimize the ‘url of your profile by making the most ù clean as possible.
  • Contacts, the greater the possibility of a contact, the greater the chance of receiving a interesting proposals, both write phone number, and e-mail address and increase your chances.
  • The summary must ‘be short but concise, the pi ù keyword rich as possible. Keep in mind that keywords are the words with which you want to be found onLinkedin or even on Google.
  • INTERESTING content and projects, if you followed or developed projects, have a website, a description of your video, add it to your profile, the more you can show u things, you will be taken seriously
  • Add all your work experience preferably using key words and, where possible, ask to be reported by people who can ensure your ability à and your commitment.
  • Where you can add volunteer experiences.
  • Be the pi ù clear as possible in the compilation of your qualifications and courses you attended, indicating any awards.
  • Full section skills with everything ò you do, trying to stay more u can about the topic of your professional profile and your target.
  • Last but not least, people with few contacts are often ignored because it is unpopular or are just looking to upgrade their profile, find friends, classmates, colleagues or others and enrich your circle of friends, you should also follow groups and companies in your industry or related to your interests, if you want a couple of links in most ù Click below on our names and add us as friends Profile Marco, Profile Simone, and you can also follow Hi-tech Mind as a company, click the name or the logo at the top of the page.

If you follow this guide you can boast a very strong profile that will bring many interesting innovations. Remember, however, to update it constantly, otherwise your efforts may vanish.

I hope this short tutorial you have been helpful, see you soon!
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