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E-commerce vs Content Marketing, how to sell more with Content Marketing

E-commerce vs Content marketing, come vendere di più con il Content Marketing

One of the first things an e-commerce owner or manager wants to know is how to sell more.

In this short article we will see some tricks suitable for all e-commerce, because we are talking about Content Marketing, no less! Don’t you know what it is? Read on and you will find out both what it is and how to use it to your advantage.

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is that branch of Web Marketing that involves the creation and optimization of editorial and multimedia content, designed to attract new customers and retain them over time. In short, an accurate study of texts, photos and videos created with the intention of converting readers into customers.

When applied properly it allows excellent results, think if it was applied to an e-commerce …

How to apply Content Marketing

The first thing to consider is the funnel, in short the process that leads the visitor of your e-commerce to buy.

This process is very important because if you don’t give your products the right light, even if they were the best on the market, you wouldn’t sell.

When a user enters your e-commerce he is undoubtedly looking for something, so make sure that he easily finds what he is looking for and tries to enhance the details with these simple tricks:

  • Title: the title of your product must be clear and simple, in short, intuitive.
  • Description: The description must be accurate and detailed, written in an engaging way and above all it must entice but please, do not sell fried air!
  • Images: the images must be of quality, better if taken by a photographer or with the right tools like the one below. Photos must conquer people, demonstrate all the quality of the product.
  • Video: A video where you demonstrate your product or explain how to use it is highly appreciated, this detail will help build loyalty to the customer who will feel pampered.
  • Price: The price must always be visible and clear, do not put prices from – to, you would put doubts on customers who could change their mind about the purchase.

In short, Content Marketing is able to increase your credibility and reliability, as well as your authority.

By obtaining these added values, even Google would take a good look at your products and bring an increase in quality in the positions of your e-commerce on search, so you would also gain in terms of SEO.

How to use content marketing to sell more

Before following the points above you should consider some important points:

You need to know in principle why people visit your e-commerce and why they are buying your product, in this way you can create specific content and increase the value of your content.

How to do it? A few short surveys at the end of the purchase or some informative forms, as long as they are not invasive, may be sufficient.

In addition to this very important point, always try to show the value of your products and all the contents of your e-commerce but do not forget to be creative and promote your products in the same way, in a creative way but demonstrating quality. .

One last point to follow are the calls to action, make the user react with some catchy word or button placed in the right place at the right time, everything will bring excellent results.

Of particular value are the reviews, don’t forget to ask customers for them and always put them on display, always being ready to respond to all with kindness, even the negative ones.

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