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Error 404, the solutions to fix it

Errore 404, le soluzioni per risolverlo

The 404 error, page not found is a very common type of error on a website, it is a courtesy page that indicates that the chosen path leads nowhere, often because the address has been changed.

This error can occur in many cases, for example when you change the name and address of a page or delete it but leave the recall link on your site, for example in the menu, if the page was indexed on Google or if this is recalled by external sites.

How to prevent the 404 error

The best way to prevent 404 error is awareness. If you change the address of a page, move it or delete it, always remember to modify or remove all links to it, if you cannot do it or you are not sure, you should act on the .htaccess file (I wait, better ask for a professional before doing damage, in case always make a backup first) to add this command:

redirect 301 / old-page / https://miosito.com/pagina-nuova/

In this way, if someone clicks on the link of the old page, they will be redirected to the new one or to the one you think is more appropriate.

How to optimize the 404 error page

It could happen that you forget to check or modify the path and therefore to have a corrupt link that refers to the 404 page, in this case I always recommend having a very well-kept 404 error page that allows you to quickly move to the useful resources of your site web, either via buttons, menus or a search bar.

To modify the 404 page you often have to act in code, so be careful if you do it, always better ask who knows.

How to check if our site has 404 pages

If you already have a website and would like to know if you have corrupted links, the fastest way is to use Google Operators or some tools. Personally I prefer to do a first check on Google Search Console, and then, after removing 404 errors, doing a manual check with Google search operators, is longer but definitely more precise.

For example, when you search for site: mysite.com you will see all the pages of your site indexed on Google, opening them one by one you will find out which ones refer to a 404 error page and which ones do not. To remedy this, as suggested above to prevent, also in this case from the .htaccess file you will have to add the following command:

redirect 301 / old-page / https://miosito.com/pagina-nuova/

There are many tools or plugins that do this job in a short time and also fairly well but in my opinion nothing can beat a manual check if done properly, so my advice is to roll up your sleeves and dedicate the time you need to take care of the your site, leaving nothing to chance.

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