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Google Current, the revival of Google+ 2020 version

Always full of surprises and news, Google has decided to surprise us by imitating a real legend for its product, in fact, like the phoenix, Google+ has been reborn from its ashes as Google Current.

After the big flop of Google+, Google specialists targeted for this project found what was wrong and combined with the needs given by the statistical trends, and, after closing Google+ and a long rebranding process, they completely revisited it and recreated it in a slightly veiled secret Google Current, the 2020 Social Network.

Differences between Google+ and Google Current

Google Current is not exactly linear with its predecessor, indeed it also has significant differences in terms of purpose: in fact Google Current is mainly dedicated to professionals and, like other famous portals, it allows you to stay in touch with colleagues and collaborators.

A further point of difference from the first version is that for now it is reserved only for G-Suite users, while before a simple Google profile was enough.

Google Current, a new social with new opportunities

Despite the limit given by the possession of a G Suite account, therefore the impossibility of access for everyone, a very welcome point of Google Current is that users will be able to share links, images, texts, surveys and files directly from the Google Drive archive .

The intention of Google is that by using Google Current, the mail activities between colleagues and collaborators go to decongest, thus giving relief to the Gmail service.

Google has therefore concentrated its efforts on these details and in improving the whole syntactic structure of Google+, creating a cutting-edge social network ready to offer complete and pleasant experiences.

Google Current is now available for Android and iOS.


Although Google+ was closed in April 2019, some companies have asked Google to keep it active to continue using it as a communication tool among their employees, so the project has never been closed permanently. Having therefore companies in operation ready to act as testers, Google has spread its wings to its project, consolidating its security of success.

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