Graphic Portfolio – Hi-tech Mind

Examples of projects within the Chart

So Good - Evento 24 Aprile
Data Recovery
Graphics Design
Web Marketing
Social Media
IT Support
IT Consulting
Help Desk
IT Courses
App Design
Website Update
Web Design
Virus Removal
Spazio Bocciofila - Shopping Night
Spazio Bocciofila - Spring Market
Spazio Bocciofila - Tiziano Scarpa e il suo Geco
Spazio Bocciofila - Christmas Market
Carlotta Carlotti – Business Card
A Spasso Con Uma – Volantino Evento 2
A Spasso Con Uma – Volantino Evento 3
A Spasso Con Uma – Volantino Evento 1
Street Food Venezia - Flyer
Street Food Venezia - Business Card
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