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A Help Desk capable and available during business hours of your employees is the advantage which unfortunately few use. To many it may seem an unnecessary cost but, more often than not is the anchor of your salvation.

If your employee in carrying out his duties is interrupted for technical problems to your PC or to your Server or why can’t do something it needs to carry out his duties, I’d hate to have been lost precious time and that if there hadn’t been this delay at this time would be already finishing up another practice bringing you gain instead of delays?

With a Help Desk or Computer Call Center quality, so competent and fast, these unfortunate mishaps are avoided, in addition, if your employee has doubts about using a Software or having PC problems, will not have to do is call the Help Desk to see in brief solved his problem or found a solution to his question.

The functionality of a Help Desk can be endless, because in addition to ensure immediate assistance, may perform duties of prevention and maintenance, which are useful to reduce the problems ahead and keep paying your Computers and devices. In addition to this important factor, we at hi-tech Mind we offer other services which may be useful to your company, such as designing websites or App Design to sponsor you and take every advantage that the world of technology offers to be number one, regardless of the obvious PC care even for individuals, should you need it.

Contact Us for more information or to arrange a meeting to evaluate a free quote and targeted to your needs, we are based in Venice and successfully manage any garrison (for areas in Venice, Treviso and Padua) and any Remote Help Desk Service.

Whatever your needs, our professionals are ready to meet your needs!

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