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Hi-tech Mind e-books for a conscious web

Gli e-book di Hi-tech Mind per un web consapevole

We have finally managed to draw up our first e-book to make people aware of what they need and to help them not to be fooled by those who paint themselves as a professional and maybe in their life created 1 or 2 copy-paste sites.

Our intention is to draw up others for various themes, it will take time because it will be done in the quietest moments but we will succeed!

Why reading Hi-tech Mind e-books

Our e-books will be simple and short, some pills of what your business needs to achieve excellent goals and to avoid you leaning on the wrong people, making them do a bad job. Obviously we are always available for a free quote but this is not the purpose of our e-books. The internet right now is crowded by websites, apps or social networks managed in a harmful way, both because they were done independently and because whoever made them was not a professional worthy of the name. 

Knowing in advantage what your website needs to be effective, you will be able to monitor with knowledge the work that will be carried out, asking for the necessary explanations.

I would like to clarify that none of our e-books are or will be a guide on how to build a website yourself. 

We perfectly know that you must ask a professional to carry out your project to achieve real results: in fact, we always advise our clients against doing things by their own, because they usually don’t have all the necessary skills to create a perfect job.

The important thing is that you are aware of the facts: you can actually be able to do some small things alone, but for others – most of the times the more important of your website – let a professional do their job.

With these e-books you will be able to understand in principle what the professional is doing and if you are talking to someone competent or improvised.

The 10 secrets of WordPress for a winning website

The 10 Secrets of WordPress for a Winning Webite is our first e-book. Since most of the websites are built with WordPress CMS, we found it useful to draw up these few but concrete pages to highlight 10 salient points that your website should respect regardless.

Enjoy the reading!