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How to develop an effective website – part 2

the effective website part 2

In the previous article (click here to read it if you haven’t done it yet), we talked about how to develop an effective website in theory.

But, visually speaking, how should a website look to be effective and make you achieve your business goals, then accompany the customer correctly through the funnel and get conversions?

How to develop an effective website in practice

Clearly explain who you are

As soon as a potential buyer accesses your website, you have a few seconds to let him know if he happened on the right site where he will really find what he needs or not.

And if he doesn’t understand it immediately, he will come out of your page and, be sure, he will never come back. A customer lost forever.

Few frills: you have to be frank, effective and clear. In a few lines explain who you are, what you do and who you do it for.


Tell potential customers what you would like them to do: with a Call-To-Action button, direct them in the right direction.

Does it seem silly and obvious? Believe me, it’s not!

After explaining who you are and what you do, ask them to “find out more” or “contact you for advice” … Asking is legitimate, they always taught me!

How can you help your potential customer?

The third thing that your potential customers must find on your site is the information on HOW you can help them: therefore your services or products, perhaps the most important ones, without inserting them all creating an infinite page. Create a dedicated page where you can deepen the topic.

Case Study

Make him really understand who you are. Demonstrate your skills to potential customers by bringing concrete examples of your work with case studies from past customers (e.g. if you are a construction company, show the whole process from customer requests, to the project, to the realization of the finished house)


To further strengthen your skills or the validity of your products in the eyes of potential customers, you could add a carousel of reviews that your past customers have left in the major portals (e.g. Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor etc.).


Don’t hide the contacts in the maze of your site! Make them as easily accessible as possible, dedicate a distinct item to them in the menu and always repeat them in the footer.

There is nothing more unnerving than having to search for a phone number on every page …

What is it, maybe you don’t want to be contacted by customers?


Mistekes not to be made when designing an effective website

Well, we have seen how to design an effective website … Now let’s see the most common mistakes that you absolutely must not make … And if you have already made them, I recommend … Run to remedy immediately!

  1. Not being clear right away. This must become a mantra: the potential customer MUST understand immediately who you are, what you do and who you do it for. Otherwise he is a lost customer. Forever. Point.
  2. Putting more than one CTA. Don’t confuse that poor christ who just came to your site. One call to action, one. Please.
  3. Using unclear CTAs. Like “click here” without explaining who I am and what I do, thus placing the potential customer in the situation of saying “Yes, I click and where do you take me? I don’t even know who you are! “
  4. Confusing graphics. Simplicity. Clarity. Immediacy. Avoid colors that prevent easy reading of texts, animations from headaches and little things that move around the page.
  5. Not using case studies. Those who come to your site often and willingly don’t know you. How can he choose you if you don’t prove to him that you really are the right professional for him?
  6. Do not follow a logic in the arrangement of the blocks. Remember, you need to make it easy to navigate your site. The public must easily reach the information they are looking for without becoming stupid to comb through every single page!


Your website is your online business card. Exploit it to its full potential, plan it in minute detail with a professional and try the litmus test to find out if it is as effective as it should: ask some friends to test it and listen to their answers, without being offended!

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