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How to overcome a new lockdown: the Web in the Covid19 Era

Il Web nell'era del Covid19

The Covid19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020 has resulted in a very serious crisis in many production sectors: many businesses have found themselves forced to close their doors, others are only now starting to deal with the loss of turnover accumulated in past months which will most likely also be poured into the near future; many people have lost their jobs or have seen their job position upset with layoffs, smartworking and new business models.

The proverb “what does not kill you makes you stronger” has never made as much sense as in this period: many people have had to interface with the web, willy-nilly, with the positive consequence of having a greater number of citizens much more technologically aware of pre-lockdown.

In particular, the interest and curiosity of small and medium-sized enterprises towards the potential offered to them by the www, if properly exploited, has grown exponentially: observing the strategies adopted by the “enlightened” entrepreneurs of the lockdown who, by implementing the activity of home delivery with a structured and planned online presence, rode the wave of the crisis thus managing to cushion the blow, finally many other Italian companies are also deciding to invest in digital.

How WWW can help your business get through another lockdown

The basis of everything is investing!

In what? In a correct online and offline advertising of your business! No, the fact that it EXISTS is no longer enough in 2020. It is no longer enough to open the door in the morning to let customers in.

There is a need for innovation, attention to detail, obsessive attention to the needs of your customers, problem solving skills, uniqueness …

By combining these pieces of a large (and certainly complex) puzzle, but also by forcing yourself to intensive brainstorming sessions with your partners-colleagues-collaborators, you will find lots of new ideas that will allow you to survive another lockdown.

Thanks to the synergy of these fundamental bases, together with a web and social media marketing strategy led by a network professional, you may not even be affected by the block.

How to re-organize your activities

To create a solid foundation that can support your business in a hypothetical second lockdown, it takes a well-defined project, time to implement it and infallible professionals who can help you both to complete it but also to advise you on the most strategically right choices ( and economically efficient) to be taken according to your real needs.

What you should have started doing yesterday is to think about how to be able to offer your customers your services / products in a possible second period of seclusion, finding a way to continue to keep your business open (obviously in accordance with law) when, most likely, most of your competitors will be closed …. because, despite their previous experience, they will not be prepared to face a new emergency (“so they won’t lock us up anymore” cit.)

Considering that, in the lockdown period, the activities that have continued to work (although initially with restrictions and uncertainty) have done so basically thanks to the web, we strongly suggest that you contact a professional in web marketing and web strategy who is willing to listen your ideas and needs, creating a complete and tailor-made strategy for your business.

We at Hi-Tech Mind have always continued working alongside our customers even (and indeed, above all!) during this very particular market moment, helping them to exploit the potential of web channels to their advantage, making them in turn remain constantly connected with their customers.

We are at your disposal to listen to your ideas and offer you a free and no obligation quote to help you transform a period of uncertainty into a great opportunity for your business!

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