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How to speed up your WordPress site

Come velocizzare il tuo sito Wordpress

If you ended up here, alas I imagine you are in difficulty because of the speed of your website.

In this guide on how to speed up your WordPress website I will reveal some tricks learned over time and already put into practice at a professional level.


Let me be clear, if you make blunders you will only be the person in charge, so if you are not sure, you can ask me for a quote by clicking here.


Let’s get to the point, How to speed up your WordPress site, but first some premise on why you need to do it.


I recommend to be careful not to overdo the optimizations, you could do damages!


Why speed up your WordPress website?

The classic $ 1,000,000,000 question 🙂 Why speed up your WordPress website or any other site. On average, people do not wait more than 5 seconds, at the end of which, if the page has not loaded or the navigation on the site is too slow, they would exit without likely returning and therefore going to your competitors website.

Because of this statistic, Google also takes speed into account, penalizing those made worse based on certain values and giving a plus to the faster sites instead.

How to speed up your WordPress website

Here we are! Let’s finally see how to speed up your wordpress website.

First of all, know that some things will be done by hand and others by plugins. Online there are thousands of plugins to do everything but since I prefer not to overload the website too much I will let you install the least number of plugins (therefore one). Quiet, all simple things to do.

Let’s start from the Base, what makes your website slow? Don’t you guess it? They are mainly images and multimedia content. Also excessive code or portions of conflicting code, such as a thousand references to various scripts and various other things, but here we will go down to the technician, so I will explain in the meantime how to reduce the weight of your images and better connect your videos.

To reduce the weight of the images I recommend the use of some online tools:

As understandable, the first website treats images with the extension .png and the second those with the extension .jpg or .jpeg. 

All you have to do is uploading your images and wait for it to finish downloading them reduced. They will not reduce the size but other details, the quality remains the same so in this way you significantly reduce the working hours. 

NB: Do not abuse these applications, do only one compression per file, no more than one otherwise ruin the image.

For the video instead of uploading it directly to your website I suggest you upload it to your YouTube channel and then use the code to share it on your page.

Let’s move on to the more technical part, let’s now install a plugin:

  • WP Super Cache (download it here)

With WP Super Cache you go to create your website cache, in short a temporary memory so that those who have already visited your website do not have to download all the details of your website because it has kept it.

How to configure WP Super Cache

Go to the Settings tab on the left and click on WP Super Cache and set the active Cache Mode on the first tab that opens and update the status by clicking on the appropriate button. Now that we have moved to the Advanced tab and select the items as in the photo. NB. Don’t forget to click Update Now.

If you want there would be other things to activate like the CDN but since it is a delicate thing and if badly set it can be counterproductive, it is better that you ask for a service from a professional.

If you want there would be other things to activate like the CDN but since it is a delicate thing and if badly set it can be counterproductive, it is better that you ask for a service from a professional.

Can I use these tips for other websites?

Of course, except for the plugin that is exclusive to WordPress, for each website there are modules, plugins or functions to be exploited to correctly set the cache, for the rest the tricks on images and videos are the same.


With this little guide I explained a few things to improve the speed of your website and I am sure you will already see improvements, I have not gone into more complex and technical things because I believe it needs to have a base behind before doing too advanced things, at least to know how to restore in case of damage, so as mentioned above, if you need a professional contact us, we are available, for the rest good luck!

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