Parental Lock on Linux Ubuntu

How to properly set the parental lock on Linux Ubuntu

The parental lock is not simply a way of tying access to their children but also to your employees if you are a company or other members of your family, of course at your discretion.

I state that the parental lock will allow you to restrict access to certain websites, set a time of activity, then make it inaccessible outside of a given time range or block certain programs or program categories.

Let us now see how to set the parental lock on Linux:

  • Access to System
  • Proceed on Administration
  • Enter the users and groups
  • Create or select the account to be constrained
  • Select user privileges ( System Administration is essential to clear)
  • Set the constraints to be made

If you prefer to set the parental lock from Linux Terminal , you should:

  • Open the Terminal
  • Type sudo add-apt-repository PPA: webcontentcontrol/webcontentcontrol and press enter
  • Type sudo apt-get update and press enter
  • Type sudo apt-getinstallwebcontentcontrol and press enter

The installed package is bootable from Terminal with the command sudo webcontentcontrol, from which you can set constraints that are most appropriate for the user on your PC.

I hope that this brief tutorial you’ve been helpful, see you soon!
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