Pendrive Bootable Linux Ubuntu

How to Create a Bootable Flash Drive Linux Ubuntu

Many of us, especially those who often work to the PC but it must move frequently, craving the chance to have your own PC in a “pocket” while not having to deal with screens smaller size as those of the Smartphone.

The solution that I propose is not really making a PC “pocket”, but we get enough, I will explain how to create a Linux Ubuntu Bootable Flash Drive.

I went too fast? Forgive me, now I’ll explain what is and what is a Linux Ubuntu Bootable Flash Drive.

Simply put, we will install an operating system, in this case Linux Ubuntu on a USB flash drive. By inserting this pendrive on any PC and selecting it from the boot manager when the PC (any brand PC has its combination to access the BIOS boot manager), will allow you to view the contents of your Flash Drive as though it were the host PC your PC, then loading all loaded programs, all of your data (obviously those loaded using the Flash Drive) and your settings.

Given what is and what is a Linux Ubuntu Bootable Flash Drive, let’s see how to create it.
Create a Bootable Flash Drive with Linux Ubuntu is not difficult, you just have to be patient and follow this guide.

First you have to fetch a Flash Drive 4GB or higher (preferably higher) and you have to create an installation CD of Linux Ubuntu, preferably the latest version or LTS.

We turn on the PC and insert the installation CD Linux Ubuntu just created, now we insert the pendrive where you want to install the Linux Ubuntu operating system and proceed.

When the computer you will see the scermata BIOS, log in to the boot manager. As mentioned earlier each brand of PC you have its combination to access the Boot Manager, often visible by the BIOS at startup.
Now that we are in the Boot Manager, select the installation CD Linux Ubuntu, proceeding with the various installation steps, until you get to the partition selection.

I recommend to put attention on this step and select the pendrive in both spaces of selection, risk Format the host PC.

Selected the correct partition, we proceed with the final steps of the installation, from here on will not take risks.

After about 30 minutes you will have your Linux Ubuntu Bootable Flash Drive.

N.B. read through all the steps to avoid fatal errors (eg accidental formatting of your PC).

I hope this short tutorial you have been helpful, see you soon!
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