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Low cost but quality website

Sito Web a basso costo ma di qualità

Tendentially low cost and quality do not get along. To have quality you have to spend, but we have made an exception, of course, with some constraint but if your interest or need is to have a website at low cost but quality will be worth worth it!

The low-cost quality website that we offer is a well-built and optimized standard. The constraint is that you will not be able to request changes other than the colors of the site. The service includes the insertion of the contents you will provide us.

Although it is an excellent solution to save money while obtaining a quality website, we always recommend requesting an ad hoc website that knows how to mirror you properly (see website design ) .

The low-cost website that we have created is on a vertical basis and is complete with the main sections of a professional website, complies with the SEO and UX design rules, details of a few high-value websites.

The cost is € 700, to which must be added the domain, external in annual fee of about € 100 and an external GDPR service, also in annual fee of € 19 plus one-off fee of € 30 which we ask for first setting.

If you wish you can see a preview of Hi-tech Mind’s low-cost website , you will only have to ask us via the form below to receive the credentials.

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