Assistenza PC (Minimo 10 PC) Mestre, Venezia, Treviso e Padova

Minimum 10 PC Optimization Package, Best Price!

Special Offer for optimization and maintenance of at least 10 PCs

With the special offer minimum 10 PC optimization, we provide assistance to companies that have many devices and who would always have them paying without risking to find themselves in front of mind-boggling bills.

Optimization of minimum 10 PC includes technical assistance in case of need and constant maintenance for all Office PC to make your PC and allow your employees to work in full Regime.

Servicing of minimum 10 PC optimization Package are guaranteed within 48 hours after reporting. Obviously we will try to intervene in the shortest time possible, however, in case of urgency and its early incident than reported, will be evaluated if possible and, in the event, will require a fee.

The offer minimum 10 PC optimization is not quantified based on the number of PC, but by hours.

The cost of minimum 10 PC optimization Package is €700 for 30 hours over a year after the start of construction, that can be implemented by 10 hours with the addition of €200, about 20 hours with the addition of €400 or 30 hours with adding €400.

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