SEO Positioning for Top positions and first results! The SEO is that set of rules that if respected in the correct way bring you to the top!



Client are now looking for anything on Google, why not be positioned and found?



Top positions = Major customers, Major customers = Greater success and greater fame!


SEO Positioning


SEO positioning experts we are ready to make you fit for its strict rules and make you reach the first results.


SEO always changes and we keep up to date with her, always ready to offer you the best!


An excellent SEO analysis of your competition, followed by an ad hoc study will take you to the top!


By connecting a good SEO positioning to other Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing strategies, you can get amazing results!


The fact that you end up on the first page and in the first position causes the majority of people who have carried out that particular search to click on your site.


First on search engines means greater chance of reaching new customers!

What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the fundamental activities to achieve success on the web: without it, getting your potential customers to find your business online will be difficult if not impossible. 

In a nutshell, it is a set of rules and details that the website must respect to allow it to be found by your potential customers online through the search for a specific keyword.

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Why have a web site with SEO positioning?

A website that respects the majority of SEO rules and is set up correctly for the most used keywords for that particular topic (service, product, article, etc.), has more chances of ending up on the first page and in the first positions thus having more views and more access. Translated: more possibilities to sell your product or service.

SEO positioning, however, must be constantly updated and monitored, mainly for 3 reasons:

  • It is necessary to constantly analyze the progress of the most common searches, which is constantly changing;
  • It is essential to periodically update the “benchmark”, ie the analysis of competition;
  • SEO rules are constantly changing.

As you can imagine, the search statistics change every month and every day new competitors with possible SEO-compliant websites are launched online.

That’s why, in order to avoid being overtaken or to be positioned with keywords sought by few, the best choice is to rely on a good SEO specialist, who will carry out constant research to periodically align your website with the searches of your potential customers.

Last, but not least, your website must be constantly updated, in order to foresee new algorithms and avoid your site from ending up downgraded.

Can I do the SEO positioning of my web site by myself?

The rules for having a good SEO Positioning are really a lot, they change day by day and new ones are added. In addition to the so-called “SEO Copywriting“, that is the writing of the texts within the website from an SEO viewpoint, the most visible, there are many rules related precisely to the way is written the code of which the website is composed, we talk about it in the article “Can I do SEO by myself with WordPress plugins?” (go to the article). 

It follows, therefore, that you must first understand the design of the website or have it made so that it complies with SEO, which we always do (go to the page).

How Hi-tech Mind can help you to dominate SEO Positioning

If your business already has a website, but you do not know if it is optimized for SEO positioning or not, first of all we will do a check-up of the “health” of your site, evaluating its ranking according to SEO rules for online positioning.

Data in hand, we will discuss together on the best path to take to get your site off the ground in search engine positioning: at this stage it is very important that you communicate to us what the objectives of your business are, in order to structure a solid SEO base for your site and evaluate whether to take advantage of some targeted Web Marketing (go to the page) or Social Media Marketing (go to the page) strategy, but also (and above all) a constant maintenance and updating of it, to always be the leader in your sector.

For transparency we illustrate below the main steps of our work plan:

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Presentation

Interview with the client to understand needs, objectives and budgets;

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Search

Check-up of the online resence of the client’s business;

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Search

Study of direct competition (benchmark);

Hi-tech Mind Services To Do - Strategy

Strategy planning with delivery of periodic reports to the customer.

Request a SEO analysis of your website

If you already have a website but you are not sure that it complies with the SEO rules, request an SEO analysis below, we will reply within 48 working hours with an ad hoc estimate for your status and your goals!