SEO Mestre - Venezia


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, literally optimization for search engines. One of the fundamental activities to achieve success because without it being found by customers will be difficult.

What is SEO?

In short, SEO is a set of rules that the website must respect and a set of details that will allow you to be found for that particular keyword. The rules that define the SEO are many and often change according to the new algorithms of Google, without which you would risk finding flowers even if you search for machines. A website that respects most of the SEO rules and is set in the correct way for the most used keywords for that particular topic (service, product, article, etc.) has more possibilities to finish on the front page and in the first positions, thus having more views and more access, translated more possibilities to sell your product or service.

Does the SEO once the site is affixed to life?

Sorry, the answer is NO. The reasons are 3:
  • Analysis of the most common searches
  • Competition analysis
  • Update of the changed SEO rules
As you can imagine the search statistics change every month and every day new competitors with possible SEO sites make their presence online, for this, in order to avoid being overtaken or be positioned with keywords sought by few, a good SEO specialist must constantly analyze everything and align your website periodically. Last but not least it must be constantly updated, so as to provide for new algorithms and avoid your site to be downgraded. This is what we do in the SEO area.

First on Google, First to success!

As for the creation of a website, the costs are variable according to the objective and your competition, both for setting up and for maintenance. Of course, in our web design service, all sites are set up for SEO, so you would have less money despite the quality.

We are located in Mestre – Venice, however our SEO Positioning service is also suitable for customers throughout Italy and abroad. Contact us for more information or, if you already have a website, request a free SEO analysis below.