Hi-tech Mind, IT services to 360 degrees

The collection of information services offered by the experts of Hi-tech Mind and designed to grow your business!

Computer services for individuals and companies to 360 degrees.
Our main Services , as below, including designing and creating a website, various Web Marketing strategies, S.E.O. positioning, creating and designing apps for mobile devices, the creation of graphics andcomputer assistance in various forms.

We of Mestre (Venice) and we operate mainly in Venice, Treviso and Padua, as well as throughout the Veneto and North Italy. For most of the Services we offer, we do not need a physical encounter, although preferable, but it is possible to organize meetings on Skype or other virtual channel, therefore we can work in a much broader area, as the whole Italy, Europe or even worldwide.

Offering Computer services for individuals and companies to 360 degrees, with Hi-Tech Mind you don’t have to think about where to go to have a good service at reasonable prices and content, as well as having to interface with multiple people from different companies, depending on your needs, you’ll but the certainty of a trusty Assistant at your side ready to assist and support you in all your needs and at a price more than correct!

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