Simone Orbana

Web designer and App Developer of Hi-tech Mind

Simone Orbana, Web Designer and App Developer in Venice
Born in Iglesias in 1986, Simon has, since childhood, an unbridled passion for technology and computing.

Prodigious in the repair and maintenance of PCs and various devices, Simone decided to finish their studies, so as to advance their skills and knowledge already developed.

Along the road to complete their course of study, he met Marco Perini, who, like him, had a high passion for the world of information and a strong ambition in the professional growth and in increasing their knowledge, with which still working side by side developing projects and advancing Hi-tech Mind, which is now able to offer a complete suite 360 degrees.

Mainly specialized in repair, maintenance and optimization both Hardware, Software is, Simon, interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in all subjects computer, he discovered he had a knack for graphic arts and for the use of special software to graphic design and 3D rendering and video, which in the short made ​​him an experienced Graphic designers can create eye-catching graphics and video advertising media, both 2D and 3D cutting edge and can attract them to an ever most views.

A now boasts a capacity as to be compared without problems at the best graphic artists present in Venice and throughout Italy, which allows it to compete with the best and come out anyway head on.

Together with Marco Perini, another strong point and founder of Hi-tech Mind, he has designed and created this Start Up simply starting from a garage and sheer force of will, working and sacrificing for a common interest, while maintaining work and study alternative This Start Up, came to expand to the point of offering a variety of services and quality, making them proud and prompting them to engage more in order to achieve a larger goal.

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