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The 4 most frequently asked questions about web marketing

4 most asked questions about web marketing

Which are the 4 most frequently asked questions we are usually asked about web marketing?

Although it is now a marketing strategy increasingly used and exploited by companies, even today we often find ourselves faced with many doubts and perplexities regarding this area.

Many owners, mostly of small or medium-sized companies, still cannot fully grasp the potential, not having an overview of how all the new digital channels can integrate with each other in order to make the company reach its own business goals.

That’s why we decided to bring you our answers in this article!

What exactly is web marketing?

Web Marketing is marketing applied to the world of the Web, that is, all that set of strategies designed ad hoc with the aim of attracting potential customers to the products or services you advertise online. It includes social media, search engines, blogging, videos and emails.

Usually it starts from the creation of a web project, i.e. with the creation of a website (we talked about how to develo an effective website here), where to display your products / services, and its promotion through different channels, in order to reach potential customers while they are surfing the net, accompany them primarily on our website and then in the purchasing process.

How can a company grow through web marketing?

Out of a population of 7.593 billion people, more than 4 billion connect to the Internet.

From the point of view of web marketing and the achievement of corporate business objectives, this means being able to reach an immense number of potential customers to whom offer their products and services, consequently, making themselves known by more people and, in a nutshell, selling more.

Obviously the web marketing strategy must be structured ad hoc according to the business objectives, for this reason we do not recommend DIY (unless the company is structured and has an internal sector entirely dedicated to marketing and research) and we always recommend to rely on industry professionals who can guide the company in choosing the right communication channels.

Nowadays, users are literally bombarded with advertisements everywhere, they have an infinite choice of products to choose from, online but also offline, so only an inspiring brand who manages to differentiate itself, to inspire trust, creating personalized communications and offers on measure, can emerge from the crowd.

Almost everyone has finally understood that to sell you don’t just have to shout your offer louder than your competitors, because the background noise is now so deafening that nobody would hear you.

To be able to sell your products or services in 2020 you need to communicate effectively: you need to establish a conversation with your target audience, a continuous dialogue between the company and the user, based on a feed-back process that will allow you to know the real needs of customers and respond promptly.

Through web marketing, companies have the opportunity to get closer to their reference customers, to talk and talk, thus building brand loyalty.

Which are the professions of web marketing?

They are a lot!

Here are some examples: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Strategist Social Media Marketer, SEO Specialist, User Experience Designer, Email Marketing Specialist etc …

We will talk about it in more detail next week!

How much does web marketing cost?

The average digital marketing budget for a small / medium-sized business tends to cost between € 20,000 and € 130,000 per year.

They look like big numbers right?

Of course, if you don’t calculate the return on your investment, yes … But think if even every euro spent would bring you at least one earned!

And this is precisely the most positive aspect of web marketing: it is possible to calculate exactly the ROI (return of investment), because each advertising campaign is automatically tracked and the related data collected by artificial intelligence systems.


We thus put the 4 most frequently asked questions about web marketing, but it is certainly not easy to find your way in this constantly evolving discipline.

Web marketing processes and strategies are constantly changing both with the changing demands of the public and with the introduction of new digital platforms.

However, one thing always remains constant: the astounding results that this tool, if used correctly, can bring to any type of company, from the smallest to the most structured.

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