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The professional figures of the digital world

Le figure professionali del mondo digitale

Consequently to the exponential boom of digital development, the demand of companies towards the labor market has also profoundly changed, with the development of new professional figures in the digital world, job positions that did not even exist until a few years ago but of which has literally exploded the request.

Although web marketing is now an increasingly used and exploited strategy by companies, even today we often find ourselves faced with many doubts and perplexities regarding this area. Many owners, mostly small or medium-sized companies, still cannot fully grasp the potential, not having an overview of how all the new digital channels can integrate with each other in order to make the company reach its own business goals.

That’s why we decided to bring you our answers in this article!

The digital revolution in companies

The companies, first abroad and then here in Italy, realized that the way we communicate with potential buyers was changing as technology and the web took more and more space in our everyday life. Some managed to ride the wave right from the start, mainly the “BIG”, therefore those who had the economic opportunity to invest in the direct training of their employees or to rely on innovative 4.0 communication agencies. 

Others have waited to see first the concrete results of the Bigs and then retrace their tracks, fearing to take false steps; still others … have not yet matured the belief that digital is not the future, but the present, and they continue undaunted to re-propose the same marketing strategies of 20 years ago, wondering why the competitors are so much stronger than them.

New skills needed

With the development of the digital world applied to business, companies began to realize that within their teams there were no people with the skills necessary to take full advantage of what the web had to offer.

Gradually the new professional figures of the digital world have developed, initially with a “basic” profile, to then become increasingly complex and articulated.

The new main professional figures of the digital world

But who are these professional figures and what exactly do they do?

Let’s make the profiles of these new digital workers a little clearer!

Digital Marketing Manager

He is the specialist in web marketing. He has the skills, and can do the job, of many figures together, such as: eCommerce Manager, Adwords Specialist, Social advertising specialist, Web analyst & CRO specialist.



Graphic designer, web designer. He is the one who takes care of all the graphic part of the digital presence of the company (e.g. render, website purely visual side, graphics of social posts, etc.)

Social Media Manager

He is the Social Media professional, he knows them very well and is able to take care of one or more corporate projects within these platforms.

Community Manager

He is the one who creates discussions regarding a company, a product or a brand, especially in the social sphere. Must have a thorough knowledge of both the platforms used but also of the company for which he works. His work is often integrated with that of the Social Media Manager.

SEO Expert

The “Search Engine Optimization” expert has the task of constantly analyzing the behavior of online person, studying their search methods (queries) and interests expressed online (keywords), and then optimizing the contents of the company’s digital channels (blog, website, social, etc.) in order to be able to obtain high rankings within the search engines. High positioning = greater visibility = more customers!

SEM Specialist

Search engine marketing (SEM), also known as search marketing, is the set of web marketing activities carried out to increase the visibility and traceability of a website with the use of search engines. SEO and SEM are often confused or used interchangeably.


He is the person in charge of drafting all the necessary texts for the company present both on the website (therefore related to the vision, mission, services, blogs, etc.) and in the various social media. Particular attention is given to SEO Copywriting, that is, the discipline that combines the art of SEO (hence the search and use of keywords) with pure Copywriting, thus giving life to texts highly predisposed for positioning on search engines.

eCommerce Manager

eCommerce Manager. Its goal is to create optimal online sales plans and strategies. It exploits all the platforms and tools on the web, chooses the best sales platform for a given company, takes care of all the managerial and functional aspects of a company, plans offers and marketing strategies.


Web developer, app developer, software developer. They are all those figures who take care of creating the technical part of websites, apps and software: in short, they lay the foundations on which all the rest of the work is based! It is the part of design that the end user does not see (if he does not know where to look!) But without which no site, app or software could exist.

A world in constant evolution

These are the professional figures of today’s digital world, but who knows what the future has in store for us!

Surely technology will have many new features in store for us so … We just have to keep us constantly updated, as we like!

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