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The psychology of sales

The psychology of sales

Selling a product or service requires techniques that work thanks to the use of the psychology of sales.

Which are the most used techniques?


Reciprocity technique consists in offering something for free to receive something else back.

How does it work?

Do you know when someone gives you a gift for Christmas but you have nothing to give to that person back? Within you there is a sense of inadequacy that pushes you to feel at fault and to have to give something back.

Here: this is the principle of reciprocity. It is a social norm inherent in our education.

How can it be used?

  1. We can offer our audience something “free” (for example an e-book) in exchange for a contact (email or phone number)
  2. When a potential customer purchases a product from us, we can deliver, together with the product itself, a personalized card with a dedicated discount for his next purchases.


Curiosity has always been a very powerful weapon: in our case, it consists in teasing the potential customer with “half information” in order to push him to click on the link of our blog or on our ADS.

How can it be used?

  1. Create a knowledge GAP. Write titles that inform your audience, but at the same time intrigue, in short, that say something but not everything. A good method is to write headlines that include these words:

WHAT politicians don’t want you to know

31 animals that you did NOT know existed

Don’t eat THESE things on the plane 

WHAT is the worst country to visit alone

HOW I earned € 15,000 in a month

  1. Keep your audience’s attention high. Enter the information tactically within your article (or video), do not reveal everything in the first paragraph. Try to create lists so that people are encouraged to scroll to the end of your article (e.g. 10 SEO secrets).
  1. Be honest. Never do “ClickBait“, that is, don’t promise something you can’t keep. For example, do not tell your audience that you will reveal the secret of your success just to entice them to click on the link without then giving them what they are visiting your site for! You would only create discontent and therefore lose points … and customers.


The scarcity technique consists in making the customer perceive that the offer is limited compared to the demand. In sales psychology, it is basically about creating the feeling of “losing an opportunity” in the customer (FOMO = fear of missing out)

How can it be used?

  • Countdown. Insert within your offer a time countdown that indicates to the potential customer the time left til the offer expires.
  • Limited stock. Enter a count of the number of pieces left of that particular item.
  • Limited time access. Give the prospect a certain time to get a certain offer (e.g. Order within 5 minutes to receive the product tomorrow)

Social proof

Social proof builds on the trust people place in others.

For example, if an Influencer with 1 million followers tells us that that product is excellent, we tend to believe it.

How can it be used?

  1. Use reviews. Encourage customers to leave reviews of your products / services so that potential customers can read them.
  2. Take advantage of testimonials. Ask your customers to give you a direct opinion about your products / services, telling their experience and accompain it with their picture. Compared to the reviews they are much more personal and structured.
  3. Influencer Marketing. If you have the chance, contact an influencer from your market niche and try to establish a collaboration.

Conclusions about the psychology of sales

These sales techniques can be applied to practically any production or professional field, just interpret them with a little creativity!

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