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UX Design

The UX design is a set of practices, new name, but that the professionals of the web design have always exploited and taken into account.

In short, User eXprerience Design includes those particular techniques and controls that allow the website or App to be easy to use by all people and devices, in an intuitive and direct way.

What changes between Web Design and Web Design based on UX Design

The design of a website can be defined as quality only if, in addition to factors such as fashion, speed, graphics and responsive (functionality of the website on mobile devices and of different resolution), it is also complete with all the features required for make it User Friendly, so easy to use.

It seems a little detail but if you browse a website that requires you to access more pages before arriving at what you are looking for, if it has a graphic that is confusing, keys that are too close to each other and a thousand other things, you too in the presence of only one of these you would leave this website looking elsewhere. This is why the creation of a website must absolutely have a UX Design basis.

Obviously the UX Design not only understands this, a very interesting and useful detail for both sides is to create a wireframe of the web site that will be created. In itself the wireframe is a design of how the website will be in the project that in itself evaluates its peculiarities on a basis of simplicity of use, fashion and pleasantness that before starting the creation of the website we will submit for approval, in so as to give you an idea of ​​what we will create.

Does UX Design influence SEO?

As the two activities may seem distant, the answer is yes, l or UX design influence the SEO positioning.

The explanation is simple, Google gives priority to the user experience, therefore it has generated algorithms that go to downgrade the position of slow, non-responsive websites with an average stay rate on the site that is too low, index for Google of low quality of content or website.

Hi-tech Mind and UX Design

We at Hi-tech Mind we have always designed and built our websites in optical UX , migliorand OCI from time to time and always with excellent results, based on quality and in particular on customer satisfaction .

The Customer, knowing in advance how the website will be created, will avoid surprises and will be able to give an opinion of taste that we will accept and discuss together, a detail that we have noticed to be a welcome goal.