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The Web design, the art of creating and designing websites in the vanguard, in line with customer requirements and able to implement its brand and its business.

But the web sites are all the same?
Designing a website rather than another involves the same time or cost?

The answer to both questions is obviously not. The Web design, designing a website, it’s different depending on many factors, including the needs and tastes of the client and its industry. For example, a web site for a hotel will be different from that of an accountant or even a shopkeeper, will have different purposes linked to the client’s needs, a design suitable to his taste and probably cost and time may be different.

Nowadays many customers look for savings, so we rightly pride ourselves a tariff among the most content for website design in Venice, Treviso and Padua, obviously in comparison also to big cities like Milan or Rome.

Professional and business needs of the client, there are three main areas of Web design, static or showcase websites, dynamic websites and e-commerce. Their difference is not much and not always their name there is help, specifically, many people think that the difference between a static website and dynamic website is the presence of animations in the layout, where in fact the difference between these types of website is completely different. A static website is a website designed to “closed source”, where the customer may not even putting their hands on the lyrics if not directly accessing source code site, this would mean having at least the basics of programming. A dynamic website is for example a C.M.S. (Content Management System), in the simplest terms a website such as with a platform for editing of texts and other content and is user-friendly, so easy to use. Thee-commerce instead is nothing but an online store.

A few lines ago I defined the website design, not by accident.
The design of a website often starts from scratch, combining the customer’s taste, the Web designers and external factors but, what objectives, results and last but definitely not least the current fashion, all from just a blank page, like an artist paints his canvas.

Many have asked me why pay a Professional to do a website when they have infinite solutions online free. True, these solutions exist but do you really do for you and take you to achieve your goals?

I will answer this question with a simple example:

Probably, like most people, you have a car and if it breaks down, normally take to the mechanic to fix it. If desired, watching a few videos online or improvising, you can solve your problem yourself without paying the mechanic but, are you sure you’ve done a good job? Are you sure your repair will safeguard your and others ‘ safety?

Although we speak of distinct risk, the concept is the same. Create a quality website requires skills and knowledge not acquirable with a video on Youtube and try to make a website yourself, with a bit of luck can be good but in most cases can bring damage to your image or may not bring the desired results because they would not abide by the rules of the S.E.O. of Responsive or you may not know sufficiently on Web Marketing. For this reason, as in the case of a mechanic, the best way to save money and achieve its result is to choose a quality service and offering appropriately a cost appropriate to the request.

For more information and a free quote for the design of your website, contact us here, we are based in Venice, however we operate in Italy and abroad with no problems. Our service is among the cheapest in Italy and our professionalism and ability is based on those American pioneers that inspired us.

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