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Web Design for Venice, Special Offer at Low Cost

Special offer for designing a Venice website, quality and low cost in Venice!

Venice, the water city, beautifully built on islands and bridges, tourist destination of many, especially the historical and romantic.

The Offer designing and creating Websites Venice is oriented to companies but mainly to the artisans of this city, which with their skills can create authentic works of art, see for example the Murano glass. This to enable them to be known nationally and internationally, as well as Venice itself.

You’ll wonder how you can achieve similar results, perhaps you have already guessed or already know …

It’s simple, a website designed properly and rich in content and quality is what it takes!

Unfortunately this often is not a cheap solution, so we’ve decided to meet with our special offer designing and creating Websites Venice which includes two options:

– The design of a website showcase based on C.M.S. (editable content at any time independently).

– The design of an e-commerce or a booking management.

With the first variant of designing and creating Websites Venice we offer the creation of a website of 5 pages such as Home, About, Gallery, services and Contact Us, with full design personalized and Responsive Web Design (optimized for mobile devices), carried out within 2 months from the effective date of the request, at a charge of €900. The cost of the domain will be apart and the contents (texts, photos, contact details, accounts, social networks, etc.) must be supplied by the customer, the request for the creation of content may include additional costs, while creating a website more great shall be evaluated in the second variation below.

The second variant of designing and creating Websites Venice includes creating web sites above, such as e-commerce, booking management, an intranet or a large website .

Being very subjective requests a quote for each request will differ according to individual needs. For this you cannot predict in advance creation time or fees. In this case, we offer a discount of 25% of the total budget.

In addition to the above, we offer you the possibility to ask for the designing and creating an App affiliated with the website required with the 20% discount on single quote App.

Like all our special offers, even designing and creating Websites Venice has a limited time and may not be revived for more time, so we suggest that you take advantage of it now and don’t miss the opportunity.

To request your Offer or ask for information without obligation, simply unlock the contact form below with a Like on Facebook, we will reply within 48 hours.

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