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Our idea of ​​a leased or rented website for a website stems from a thought addressed to those professionals or companies that have just started or have various costs to face, to the point of sacrificing a relevant factor such as having a website that sponsors its business and allows it to reach more customers.

The hiring of a web site is a solution for those who have no opportunity to invest in to realize its website and a monthly fee will allow him to still have a web site quality and well located.

Obviously, since there are different categories of professionals and companies, the website that we are going to implement cannot be a standard, so the fee for the leased website will be ad hoc based on need.

  1. The contents must be provided by the customer.

Website rental, the domain

If you do not already have one, the purchase of the domain that will host your rental website will be done on an external service, so it will not be part of the lease, so it will have an annual external cost to the lease to be paid to that service that we can manage ourselves for you. Basically the cost is close to 100 € / year (may vary according to your needs).

Duration and costs of the leased website

Our website rental offer will have a duration of 24 months which may be renewed or may end with the purchase or return of the website.

Every professional or company needs different websites and more or less services, therefore it is not possible to indicate a fee without having first assessed what to do. However, the estimate is not binding until the contract is signed.

Throughout the leasing period the website will be subjected to periodic updates.

The services that you can include in the website rental are:

– Domain management         

– SEO positioning and maintenance         

– Logo creation ( one-time purchase )         

– GDPR and Cookie service ( one-time external service purchase )         

– Translations (s purchase of external service with one-off payment )         

– F otografie ( external service purchase with one-off )         

The website , until purchased, is owned by Hi-tech Mind , so it cannot be modified, sold or saved . You can ask us for any changes during construction at the cost of a one-off fee proportionate to the request.

The SEO of the leased website

The website i n leasing that will be achieved will correspond to the SEO rules, yet to be located and maintain the position consistently you will require the addition of the referencing service and maintenance SEO, which among other activities includes optimization your content, the periodic search for the most appropriate keywords and the constant study of the competition .

Can I buy the rental website?

Yes, following the rental or renewal period, you can buy the website at a reduced cost, in proportion to the period of lease made .

Can I sublease the leased website?

No, you can still request the early termination of the contract for management transfer if you sell your business to a third party.

Nb. The early termination if not transferred will result in the payment of a one-off closure.


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