Windows 7 with Windows XP style

How to set up Windows 7 with Windows XP style

You were too accustomed to your Windows XP and those bad guys at Microsoft have updated OS, now discontinued, by changing its design to which you linked?

Sorry for your inconvenience but I’m also happy to bring a very fast solution, set Windows 7 with Windows XP style, even if only in terms of the look and feel .

Perhaps you’re wondering if I drank a little too much, maybe you’re going to be thanking heaven to be finished this guide hoping isn’t a Fake. It’s all true, you can set Windows 7 with Windows XP style.

First, I want to explain why Windows has this capability, then we will see how to do it with a few simple steps.

Set Windows 7 with Windows XP style allows the system to not focus memory on graphics aspects provided for by the common themes Windows 7, then improve a bit the performance of your PC. In addition, set Windows 7 with Windows XP style allows whoever is linked to the previous system or simply is not well with Windows 7, to go back to the previous design .

As you mentioned the steps to set up Windows 7 with Windows XP style are few and fast:

  • Access to the contextual menu (right click on the desktop of your PC)
  • Select Customize
  • Scroll down the window until you find Basic and high contrast themes
  • Select Windows classic theme

Now you have your own Windows 7 with Windows XP style, to keep in mind some important details:

As already mentioned, this change is only graphically.

You will need to reload your background image that will be replaced with the default of Windows.

At any time you can restore your own theme by running the same route, with the exception of the theme to change, the basic Windows 7 Aero themes section.

If the reason for your choice of set Windows 7 with Windows XP style is because you don’t know Windows 7 or because you are simply accustomed to Windows XP, you’ll want to investigate anyway Windows 7 while seeming more complex eyes of people accustomed for years with Windows XP or Windows Vista, there is then all this difference, seeing is believing.

I hope this brief tutorial was useful to you, see you soon!
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