Wine – Use Windows Software on Linux

How to use Windows software on Linux with Wine

For many users of Linux and its distributions, often there are alternative software to those of Windows that emulate their abilities, although in some cases they can not match them.

If you need to use Windows software on Linux, whether Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc., you only need to follow the letter of this tutorial, in a few minutes you can run your Windows software on Linux.

That said, we go to practice, what need it is Wine, a Windows emulator software.

You can download it directly from the Software Center, or from the terminal, for more geeks.
In the first case, the Software Center, you just have to look for and click install Wine, provided the administrator password you will need to wait a few moments. In the second case, by the terminal, you have access to the terminal and type sudo apt-get install wine.

After installation you are ready to use your Windows software on Linux.

Here’s how to use Wine and install a Windows software.
To install a Windows software (.exe), just click with the right mouse button on the .exe file and select “Open with Other Application” and select Wine, or access to the terminal and type wine nameofsoftware.exe.
Windows software installed them you can then find in Wine.

N.B. Not all Windows software are able to run on Linux and not all have the permissions to shoot in environments other than Windows (eg. Microsoft Office).

I hope this short tutorial you have been helpful, see you soon!

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