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WordPress site in maintenance after update

sito wordpress in manutenzione dopo aggiornamento

It’s horrible when you’re doing simple updates to your WordPress website and the following message appears:

Temporarily unavailable for maintenance. Try again in a minute.

If you’re done here it’s probably because wordpress site in maintenance after update and you can’t even access the administration panel. First of all first of all, don’t worry, the resolution of this problem is very simple.

Because the WordPress site is under maintenance after an update

The reasons can be many, in all probability you have launched a sequence of dated updates and the update system has crashed.

How will you know WordPress while updating temporarily puts the website in maintenance, then when the update is completed it returns to normal. In the case of an update block, it happens that it does not end its process and therefore does not unblock this mode.

Can I update the WordPress site now?

Now we come to the practical part, then how to disable the maintenance mode following the WordPress updates.

You will just need to access your cpanel / plesk, directly or via FTP to delete the “.maintenance” file that WordPress has created in automatic in the update phase and could not be removed at the end of it due to the problem.

As soon as the file is removed, everything will return to normal and your WordPress website will be available again.

Quiet to delete the file because WordPress automatically recreates it every time you update and remove it when finished.

Can I update the WordPress site now?

The problem has now been solved but maybe you are wondering whether or not to make updates

First of all it must be said that updates are important from the point of view of functionality, performance and safety, they must always be done constantly. Having said that, the problem of the WordPress site that has gone into maintenance does not prevent you from making updates, only foresight, perhaps failing them one at a time or in small groups, you will see that you will be able to update without problems.

If I can’t?

If you could not follow this guide or were unsure of moving by yourself, contact us via the form below or via our contact page, we will send you a non-binding quote to solve your problem.

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